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Bamboo flooring is one of the most sustainable floors that can prove harder than the hardwood floors. Inovar is one of the leading bamboo flooring manufacturer in India. As an ever-increasing number of people get some distance from customary wood flooring, the prominence of bamboo flooring keeps on rising. In contrast to most kinds of wood, one of the advantages of Inovar Floor bamboo flooring is that it is in ample supply and increasingly easy to recharge. It is hence the legal decision for the people who need wood floors however are reluctant to add to the obliteration of the universe’s rainforests.

Bamboo flooring is affordable and has a unique look; it is an eco-friendly hardwood. It is stylish as well as highly durable and a perfect fit for all the rooms. The flooring is easy to maintain, can withstand wear and tear and for a longer time, it will give a beautiful look.

In spite of the majority know about the way that bamboo flooring is an eco-accommodating decision, many are astonished to find what some different advantages it offers. Should you consider bamboo for your flooring needs?

Eco-friendly material

Bamboo is a highly eco-friendly, sustainable and highly renewable plant. The bamboo flooring is made with multiple bamboo species. They are known for its strength as bamboo is two to three times stronger than oak. It has a durable base and can be a perfect selection for busy and heavy traffic homes. It is moisture resistant that enhances the longevity of your floor.

Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is a green choice. The essential advantage of best bamboo flooring is its naturally friendly nature. Not at all like most of the wood fit to the ground surface, it's accessible in vast supply. Bamboo trees likewise achieve development fundamentally quicker than most trees, and this implies when woodland is chopped down, it doesn't take a long time to renew itself. This suggests bamboo is delegated a quickly sustainable wood or timber source.

Panel Dimension : 1850 mm (L) x 125 mm (W) x 14 mm (Thickness)
Panels/carton : 6 panels / carton
Coverage/carton : 1.3875 sqm / 14.93 sq ft
Construction : Strand-woven Solid Moso Bamboo
Formaldehyde Emission : E0 Grade
Surface Finish : 30 ± 5% Gloss with Anti-scratch Coating
Hardness : 2,500 Psi (Janka Rating)
Installation : Patented Glueless Interlocking System

30 ± 5% Gloss Finish with Anti-scratch Coating

BM 2000 Everest
<img src="images/Bamboo.jpg" width="189" height="100" />
BM 2100 Natural
<img src="images/Bamboo.jpg" width="189" height="100" />
BM 2200 Earth
<img src="images/Bamboo.jpg" width="189" height="100" />
BM 2400 Amazon
<img src="images/Bamboo.jpg" width="189" height="100" />
BM 2500 Bambosa
<img src="images/Bamboo.jpg" width="189" height="100" />
BM 2600 Earl Grey
<img src="images/Bamboo.jpg" width="189" height="100" />
BM 2700 Lava
<img src="images/Bamboo.jpg" width="189" height="100" />
BM 2900 Burnt Ember
<img src="images/Bamboo.jpg" width="189" height="100" />
Note: Colors shown on the screen may vary from actual product color due to screen settings. Please request for actual samples before placing an order.

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