Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is one of the most sustainable floors that can prove harder than the hardwood floors. Inovar is one of the leading bamboo flooring manufacturers in India.

Why choose Bamboo Flooring?

Bamboo has been accepted as an option for flooring because of its natural links to certain hardwoods. We increase its strength, stability, eco-friendliness and inherent stability to insects and dampness.

Bamboo flooring is accessible in a mixture of styles, shades and surfaces, and because it is a dimensionally durable flooring supply, it can be floated over an underlay, worked with underfloor heat, and placed in areas where condensation and heat change significantly.

What makes bamboo flooring eco-friendly?

Bamboo is a grass, which gets much more durable than wood, therefore making it a very renewable supply. Bamboo can be collected every five years related to 20-30 years for the most forest. It does not require to be re-planted after it has been run as the root continues entire, suggesting that it will proceed to develop.

Qualities that Bamboo Flooring holds:

Bamboo flooring is a green choice. The essential advantage of bamboo flooring is its naturally friendly nature. Not at all like most of the wood fit to the ground surface, it's accessible in vast supply.

Bamboo trees likewise achieve development fundamentally quicker than most trees, and this implies when woodland is chopped down, it doesn't take a long time to renew itself. This suggests bamboo is delegated a quickly sustainable wood or timber source.

What types of bamboo flooring are available?

Bamboo flooring is accessible in three different types: Horizontal, vertical and strand made.

Horizontal bamboo
Layers of bamboo are stuck collectively horizontally to make the plank of flooring. The bamboo grain is more visible as it looks full on the exterior of the platform.

Vertical bamboo
Layers of bamboo are stuck collectively vertically to make the plank of flooring. The bamboo grain is more transparent and less visible on the ceiling of the platform.

Strand woven bamboo
Strands of bamboo are made collectively and pressed under intense heat and weight to make the board of flooring. The bamboo grain is irregular. Strand woven bamboo is stronger than any wood floors.

Pros of Bamboo Flooring:

  • A fast-renewing resource, bamboo is ready to accumulate in 5 to 6 years, about one-tenth the time it gets red oak to grow. New stalks regrow from the very plant.
  • Generally, less costly than a traditional wood by about $1 per square foot, and even more affordable in contrast with an exotic varieties.
  • Extremely strong, a quality bamboo floor can last decades with care and minimum awareness to grit, high heels, and pets' nails.

Cons of Bamboo Flooring:

  • It can damage, even with a factory finish, just as wood does; use doormats in and protecting pads with fittings.
  • All bamboo is not identical, and it can be challenging to sort by the group claims. Plus, the various types perform apples-to-apples analysing a request.
  • Off-gassing can happen with lesser-quality floors made with adhesives including urea-formaldehyde.
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Panel Dimension : 1850 mm (L) x 125 mm (W) x 14 mm (Thickness)
Panels/carton : 6 panels / carton
Coverage/carton : 1.3875 sqm / 14.93 sq ft
Construction : Strand-woven Solid Moso Bamboo
Formaldehyde Emission : E0 Grade
Surface Finish : 30 ± 5% Gloss with Anti-scratch Coating
Hardness : 2,500 Psi (Janka Rating)
Installation : Patented Glueless Interlocking System

30 ± 5% Gloss Finish with Anti-scratch Coating

BM 2000 Everest
<img src="images/Bamboo.jpg" width="189" height="100" />
BM 2100 Natural
<img src="images/Bamboo.jpg" width="189" height="100" />
BM 2200 Earth
<img src="images/Bamboo.jpg" width="189" height="100" />
BM 2400 Amazon
<img src="images/Bamboo.jpg" width="189" height="100" />
BM 2500 Bambosa
<img src="images/Bamboo.jpg" width="189" height="100" />
BM 2600 Earl Grey
<img src="images/Bamboo.jpg" width="189" height="100" />
BM 2700 Lava
<img src="images/Bamboo.jpg" width="189" height="100" />
BM 2900 Burnt Ember
<img src="images/Bamboo.jpg" width="189" height="100" />
Note: Colors shown on the screen may vary from actual product color due to screen settings. Please request for actual samples before placing an order.

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